When a client decides that they need video redaction or enhancement, the first question we are normally asked is ‘what’s the next step?’  Here we share what a typical project involves from start to finish.


Our expert team will organise a consultation with you, our new client, where we discuss your requirements and agree on the specifications of the job.  They will include agreement on the timings of the project, deciding if it is video redaction or video enhancement that is needed and deciding on the delivery method.  We explain our processes that will add blurring or pixilation to your current footage.  Our team can guide you through this quite easily to ensure you are clear in what you will receive.


We then make arrangements to get your footage to our facility.  This can be delivered to us by courier or we can arrange collection by our own staff.   Your information will be held securely at our facility which is designed for secure processing.   As the information we process is of a highly sensitive nature, we have a variety of security measures in place to keep our client’s information safe at all times while in our possession.  We are certified to ISO 27001 which is an internationally recognised information security management system.

Redaction / Enhancement

Datascan Redaction will complete the work in a timely fashion and once the work is completed we organise for it to be supplied back to you, our client.  This can be done in a number of ways depending on your needs.  We can save the finished job onto an encrypted USB drive which can be delivered directly to you.  Alternatively, we can store the job on secure internal network NAS drive and supply it digitally.   Both the original footage and the redacted or enhanced footage will be supplied in the agreed manner to suit you.

GDPR Compliance

Once we confirm customer satisfaction with our work we securely destroy any copies of the work we may have.  At every stage in the process you are kept aware of what is happening.  Not only do you have the confidence of the security of your information, you will know that the quality of the work will be to your satisfaction.   It will comply with GDPR and will be suitable for investigations, data subject access requests or evidence in a legal situation as per your instructions.

Whenever you need footage redacted or a video enhanced then speak to the Datascan Redaction team for a professional and efficient service.