Video Redaction, Face Blurring, Anonymisation, & Personal Data Removal.

Video Redaction

Video Redaction is the anonymisation of persons or identifiable elements in video footage.  This involves the blurring or pixelation of faces or indeed anything that can identify a person.

  • Removing identifiable features for video use in court cases

  • Blurring faces, vehicle licence plates, house numbers

  • Obfuscation of sensitive personal data is a key element of data protection.

  • Making videos safe for use in data subject access requests

  • Available for CCTV footage or smartphone footage as necessary

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Video Enhancement

Video enhancement will take certain elements of the CCTV footage and show them in more detail.  This process may be required for evidence in court or to support investigations.

  • Used in legal cases to highlight certain elements

  • Ideal for tracking a person throughout a range of footage

  • Used as additional proof to read a license plate or identify a person

  • Video enhancement shows an action in more detail

  • Supports evidence in claims and investigations

We can offer advice on video enhancement for your needs.

GDPR Requirements

With strict restrictions on sensitive personal data, video footage must be handled with great care.  A data subject access request must be followed up in line with data protection.

  • Video redaction or video enhancement services that suit GDPR requirements

  • Guidance and advice from data protection experts

  • ISO 27001 to ensure your confidence in our data protection

  • Expertise coupled with security experience

  • Strong controls in place to ensure processing is compliant

Video redaction and enhancement that will help you comply with GDPR

Document Redaction,  Anonymisation, & Personal Data Removal.

Document Redaction

Under the GDPR any individual has the right to access any and all of the information your organisation may hold on them. This information can include files, emails or documents.

  • Ai software that is accurate and time saving

  • Finds and remove 100+ data items including numbers

  • Not reversable, quick service and extremely reliable

  • Hard or soft copy documents, many file types

  • Your original and redacted documents returned to you promptly

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