Supermarkets use CCTV to enhance security, safety, and operational efficiency. CCTV acts as a deterrent against theft and vandalism while ensuring the safety of customers and staff by monitoring for hazards and emergencies. It also helps optimise store operations, identify inventory shrinkage, provide evidence for incidents, aid in staff training and evaluation and ensure compliance with regulations.  In essence, CCTV reinforces a commitment to maintaining a secure, safe, and efficient retail environment.

For independent supermarkets, CCTV systems serve as a fundamental component of their security infrastructure. However, with increased emphasis on privacy regulations and compliance standards, the need for careful handling and sharing of CCTV footage has become imperative.


All businesses are obligated to safeguard the personal information of individuals captured in CCTV footage. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties and damage to reputation. We understand the challenges faced by supermarkets in ensuring compliance while sharing CCTV footage with third parties. Our specialised CCTV redaction services are tailored to address these challenges effectively, providing peace of mind to businesses and safeguarding sensitive data.

Sharing CCTV Footage with Confidence

We use advanced technologies to blur or mask identifiable information, including faces and other sensitive data. By obscuring these details, businesses can share footage confidently, knowing that they are adhering to privacy regulations and protecting the rights of individuals.

In the event of a security incident or legal request, the ability to provide redacted footage in a timely and compliant manner is crucial. Our streamlined process ensures quick turnaround times without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Expert Team

We work with a variety of industries including financial institutions, medical and the legal profession so we know how to keep data secure.  We hold certification in ISO27001 that ensures our processes are always secure. Our team of experts provides personalised support and guidance to our clients throughout the redaction process. From initial assessment to final delivery, we work closely with clients to address their unique requirements and concerns, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.  And all at competitive rates, contact our friendly team today to find out more.