Data Subject Access Requests

Under the GDPR any individual has the right to access any and all of the information your organisation may hold on them. This information can include files, emails, documents as well as CCTV and Video footage. If the person seeking access to the information is a longstanding employee for example your organisation may have a significant volume of information held on them in all possible formats both hard and soft copy.

The timeline for compliance with a Data Access Request is 1 month from date of receipt, which can be challenging to comply with if you have unearthed a huge amount of personal data. It is very important to remember that you cannot breach the privacy of any 3rd party while facilitating an access request for an individual.

Just as personal data should be removed from CCTV footage equally, personal data or sensitive data that does not belong to the Requester should be removed from any documentation before you comply with their access request.

AI document redation datascan redaction

The list of Data types you may have to remove is long can include some or all of the following:

  • Names

  • Dates of Birth

  • Account Numbers

  • PPSN Numbers

  • Insurance Details, Policy Numbers

  • Addresses

  • Registration Numbers

  • Medical Data

  • ID Numbers

  • Demographic Data

Manual Redaction

Up to recently the only way to handle the redaction of data from hardcopy documents was to spend many hours with a Redacting Felt Tip pen or to scan in the documents and load them into a PDF editor.  The latter option relied on the user being adept at using this software which can be tricky and time-consuming. In addition to being able to use the PDF editor, the user needed to be up to speed on what data needed to be redacted from the documents.

Datascan’s Document Redaction Service

Our new document redaction service takes all of this hassle from your organisation; you no longer need to engage staff on overtime to go through documents and emails looking for sensitive information in hardcopy documents.

You simply provide us with the documents you need redacted, in either hard or soft copy. We sign a complete specification of what data you need removed – be it Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, PPSN, etc. Then using our Artificial Intelligence based software we will redact your documents to your specification in a fraction of the time it takes to do manual redaction.

With our service the redactions remove all elements and metadata of the information, so it’s impossible to reverse. You will then receive your original documents back, your redacted documentation and a report on the steps taken to redact your information.

We can also build in a step to highlight any information that we have a doubt about whether to redact or not.  With this aspect of the process, changes can be made quickly and easily.

What information can we redact?

Datascan’s document redaction service can redact over 100 different forms of personally identifiable information.

If necessary we can remove logos and signatures from your documentation. You can also specify key words that you might like removed every time from your projects, an example here might be industry specific terms, patent references, employee numbers etc.

Is it only paper documents that can be Redacted?

Our redaction service works with hard and soft copy documents. If you provide us with a hardcopy documents we will scan them into soft copy before loading them into our AI engine.

Our service can work with all major file formats including: PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Text Files, etc. We can also take an import of most Email Box formats so that your whole mail box can be scanned and data removed as necessary.







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