Redaction and CCTV in Secondary Schools Datascan Redaction

In recent years, the use of CCTV in secondary schools has become increasingly prevalent. With the aim of deterring bullying and maintaining a safe environment, the footage captured by these systems has proven to be a valuable tool. However, schools must ensure compliance with data protection laws when handling and sharing CCTV footage.

Data Subject Access Requests

When a data subject request is made, usually by parents, the principal of the school is normally responsible for providing the required footage. This footage may be necessary to investigate instances of bullying or harassment within the school premises. For example, two students having a ‘scuffle’ in the corridor and parents wanting footage to see if there is bullying.  However, before supplying the footage to the concerned parties, it must be thoroughly redacted. Redaction involves obscuring or pixelating any identifying information of individuals who are not directly involved in the incident, ensuring their privacy is protected. This step is crucial for maintaining compliance with data protection laws.

The Role of Datascan Redaction Services

Working with Datascan Redaction Services offers an efficient and secure solution for schools to meet their compliance requirements. When collaborating with us, there is no need for physical meetings. The principal can simply supply the footage to our team electronically,  who will then take care of the redaction process. Once completed, the pixelated footage is sent back to the school, ensuring the privacy of all individuals involved. Datascan Redaction takes the utmost care in maintaining the security of the footage at all stages, providing schools with peace of mind.

Importance of Compliance:

Adhering to data protection laws is paramount when dealing with CCTV footage. Schools are generally aware of the legal requirements and the need for compliance. By utilising CCTV as a deterrent against bullying and harassment, schools are taking proactive measures to create a safe environment for their students. However, it is essential to strike a balance between security and privacy. Through the meticulous process of redacting and securely handling the footage, schools can address bullying concerns while upholding the rights of individuals.

Datascan Redaction has been supplying Redaction Services to many schools and educational centres for some time.  We also work with clients in the healthcare, financial and business sectors so you can be assured of our professionalism at all stages.  We are certified to ISO27001 to ensure your data is safe with us at all stages of the process.   Speak with our expert team to find out more about our services.