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Schools in Ireland have increasingly adopted CCTV cameras for security purposes. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is crucial when dealing with this CCTV footage. Here is a concise guide for school boards to ensure GDPR compliance with CCTV footage.

Understand GDPR: The GDPR protects the privacy and data of individuals within the European Union. Schools fall under its scope and must comply with its regulations for CCTV footage.

Obtain Consent: School boards must inform individuals, such as students, staff, and visitors, about the use of CCTV cameras and the purpose of their operation. Consent may not always be required, but the purpose of data collection should be clearly communicated.

Data Retention and Security: It is important to establish a retention policy for CCTV footage and justify the need for keeping it beyond the defined period. You should implement measures to ensure the security and integrity of the data, including secure storage, access controls, encryption, and regular system monitoring.

Handle Subject Requests: Individuals have the right to access their captured CCTV footage and other relevant information. You should develop procedures to handle subject access requests promptly while respecting the privacy rights of other individuals involved.

Staff Training and Awareness:  It is important to provide regular training to staff members on GDPR principles, data protection, and privacy rights. Keep them informed about privacy regulations and compliance measures to ensure responsible handling of CCTV footage.

Redaction: Video redaction is an important aspect of GDPR compliance when dealing with CCTV footage. Redaction involves obscuring certain portions of the video that may disclose the identity of individuals or sensitive information. School boards should consider working with professional services to effectively blur or mask faces and other personally identifiable information. It is crucial to ensure that the redaction technique used is reliable and does not compromise the privacy of individuals. By incorporating video redaction practices into their CCTV footage management, school boards can further safeguard personal data and remain compliant with GDPR regulations.  Datascan Redaction Services have been assisting Irish schools with this for many years.

By following these guidelines, school boards can balance security measures with GDPR compliance when handling CCTV footage. Chat with our expert team today to find out more.