CCTV Footage Redaction for Nursing Homes


When a loved one moves from their own home into a nursing home it can be quite a change for the family.  However, once settled, the patient can become very contented in their surroundings and the family will have peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for professionally. CCTV The family may need [...]

CCTV Footage Redaction for Nursing Homes2019-11-04T11:38:13+00:00

Access to CCTV footage under GDPR


Many organisations that use CCTV on their premises are still unsure of how GDPR applies to them.  It is important to know what you need to consider and how to stay compliant, particularly with the risk of large penalties. CCTV Footage is Personal Data CCTV cameras capture the images of individuals and accordingly, they process [...]

Access to CCTV footage under GDPR2019-05-07T11:45:41+01:00
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