Data protection and GDPR datascan redaction

There is much confusion around CCTV footage and GDPR, here we share the top questions we are often asked:

Is CCTV footage personal data?

Yes, it is.  The data protection commissioner states that CCTV cameras capture the images of individuals and accordingly they process personal data.

Why would somebody ask for CCTV Footage?

Any person whose image has been recorded on a CCTV camera has the right to a copy of the footage.  They might request it to support a complaint or for proof in a legal claim.

Can anybody view CCTV footage?

You may have the right to view your own image on CCTV but you not permitted to view footage of somebody else.  In a business situation, only employees that have been proven to require to view the footage should have access to it.

Who would you ask for the footage?

You should contact the company and make the request to the data controller.  The request should be in writing and give details of when, where etc.  They should respond in a reasonable time.  Bear in mind that the footage may have to be redacted before they supply it to you.  This will be to protect the personal information of others featured in the footage.

How long can a business keep CCTV footage?

A business should only keep CCTV footage for as long as it is reasonably necessary.  In most cases this is for a period of 30 days at most.  If it is to be kept longer than that, the company must have good reason.

What are your obligations as a business supplying footage?

While you must reply to a data subject request, it is important that you don’t end up with a data breach by giving raw footage that could contain other personal data.  In many cases, faces and identifiable information should be redacted (blurring out).

In conclusion, if you are using CCTV to monitor your business you need to ensure you are up to date with legislation.  If you need to give CCTV footage to somebody, you should ensure you are compliant with GDPR.  When images need to be redacted, you can call the team at Datascan Redaction Services who will ensure it is redacted correctly so you are protected.