cctv in bars datascan redaction

A recent spate of insurance claims by customers in pubs and bars has sparked much discussion.  In all these cases there was the supporting evidence of CCTV footage in the legal actions.  In one bogus claim, a patron was caught quite obviously placing glass shards in her mouth and then pretending they came in the meal provided by the bar.  Without the supporting CCTV footage, the owners of this bar could have been liable for a hefty claim.

CCTV Footage Redaction

In all cases, while the CCTV footage clearly shows the actions of a particular person, you will notice that the other innocent parties have their faces blurred out.  This video redaction is now a legal requirement to protect identities, it is part of the GDPR legislation and is designed to keep innocent parties protected.

When any claim is made against a nightclub, bar or restaurant a request will be made for access to the CCTV footage.  Usually it would be from the solicitor of the person making the claim and in this case the footage should not be supplied in its raw state.  Some redaction work will need to be done to blur out other people’s identity, this is to ensure the business is not left open to further claims of data breaches.

Protecting Identity

Anywhere where there are large numbers of people attending events, as in nightclubs or concerts there could be an incident.   Where there is antisocial behavior there are problems. In some cases, there could be a claim against a staff member, particularly security staff.  The use of body cam footage is popular, and this footage too must be redacted before sharing with a third party.  The blurring out of staff faces will also serve to protect their identity.

Even if there was not a claim against the bar, somebody might ask for footage in the form of a data subject request for a variety of reasons.  Again, this footage should be redacted before supplying it to them.

Compliance with GDPR

Ensure you are supplying footage that is compliant with GDPR.  you don’t want to leave yourself open to any claims of a data breach.  You must be so careful with data protection and that is why you should seek the services of an expert team to redact your video footage.  Datascan Redaction Services are based in Dublin but offer redaction services nationwide