Video Redaction for Irish Credit Unions datascan redaction

The GDPR gives consumers control over their personal data. It requires a business to be able to access and handle any requests for personal information quickly, efficiently and in the right way. When a Credit Union is approached with a request to share their CCTV footage, they must ensure they comply with the GDPR by having that footage redacted before sharing with a third party.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR).

A key aspect of compliance is ensuring that your CCTV footage is suitable for sharing to comply with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). This will normally involve the requirement for redaction (blurring / pixelation) of certain aspects of the footage.  Normally this will be the faces of bystanders but could also be any of a list of personal identifiers.

A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a process that allows individuals to request access to their personal information and require companies to respond in a timely manner, typically 30 days. Compliance with a DSAR is a legal requirement for organisations in the EU that hold personal data about individuals. It can be a stressful situation for the data protection officer in the Credit Union.

Credit Unions and Redaction

If you have an employee who needs access to video footage because they are being accused of something or if a member of the public has filed a complaint or claim against the Credit Union, it is vital that interested parties are able to view any relevant CCTV footage to support any claim.  However, before it is shared it must be redacted accordingly.  In certain circumstances, there could be a need to redact two different versions of that footage.

Reliable Redaction Services

Datascan are a leading supplier of redaction services to Irish Credit Unions and other financial organisations.  We know data protection is an area where it pays to take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.  By outsourcing this task to an experienced team, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by ensuring that any redaction is completed correctly.   For more information on what we do for Irish Credit Unions, you can speak to our friendly team today.