A Redaction Service that is Reliable datascan redaction

Redaction of information in a document will be necessary when you want to remove information of a sensitive nature so others cannot read it. Issues will occur when it is not completed correctly in the first instance and this could leave a business owner wide open to a data breach.

Not obscuring the information correctly

You may be able to use a black marker pen on physical documents to hide information, but if the file is electronic (such as a pdf) then using black shapes to cover information does not always work. By using free software available online, it may look as if the information is obscured but anybody with a bit of technical knowhow could reverse your work.   The data can then be retrieved in full and this could lead to embarrassing or even damaging results.

Hidden information

Electronic files sometimes have pieces of code attached and this is known as metadata. Having metadata still included in the document could mean that it contains sensitive information.  This could be the author of the document or the file could be saved as the person mentioned in the document.  In a lot of cases the general public will not be aware of this, again it would be uncovered by somebody with the know-how and the consequences could be damaging.

Redacting with confidence

You must ensure that the information redacted from the document is gone forever and that the process you use means that it is not possible to reverse the changes.   The first step is to identify the information which needs to be redacted and the second step is to accurately remove this information in full.

Datascan Redaction Services uses the latest AI technology to identify the information that needs to be redacted and then remove it – permanently!  The process involves keeping the original document while creating a copy that has the necessary redaction completed.  Once you receive your redacted version of the document you can then share it with the confidence that what the recipient has is a fully, non-reversable redacted document without any sensitive information.

To find out more about how and what we can redact for you, please get in touch today.  Have the confidence that you will not be open to a data breach if you are asked to provide documents to a third party.