video redaction for irish creches datascan redaction

If you operate a creche your focus will be on ensuring that the children in your care are healthy and happy. Health and safety will be a priority for the childcare provider.  However, children can be full of excitement and can be prone to the occasional accident.

Reporting an Incident

Picture this common scenario, a group of children are playing happily together when an incident occurs, and one child falls over and is hurt. The creche owner will contact the parents and explain what has happened. In certain circumstances a parent might want to see the CCTV footage to assess exactly what happened to their child.

This is where it can get complicated for the creche manager. Before showing the footage to the parent of the injured child the other children and staff must be removed from the footage. This is in line with the GDPR and will be a legal requirement.  To further complicate the process, if the footage needs to be shown to more than one set of parents then two versions of the footage is required each only showing the child of the given parents.

The redaction of the video footage will need to be completed promptly to appease the parents, but also professionally to ensure all relevant parties are covered. If the matter goes further than an internal discussion, then the footage may be needed to support any claims.  Redacted footage comes with an audit trail report and will be suitable for presentation at mediation if necessary.

Redacting Video Footage

As a busy creche owner, the days will be busy and the demands from clients, staff and administration tasks will be significant, however having a supplier on hand that will redact video footage quickly and accurately will help lighten the load.  At Datascan Redaction Services we have been working with childcare facility owners to ensure their footage is compliant with all regulations.   Our technology provides a swift and accurate redaction service that is completed under the tightest security measures. Datascan Redaction is certified to ISO 27001 accreditation (Information Security) which gives our clients the assurance that their data is protected at all times whilst in our care.  Contact us today to find out more.