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When you are asked to share your business CCTV Footage to a third party it will most likely need to be redacted to avoid any issues with data protection.  Of course, you can try and blur the faces yourself, but will that be sufficient?  More than likely not, and you don’t want to leave yourself open to a data breach.

Video Redaction

Only a specialist redaction supplier will know what to look for when it comes to redacting the right data in video footage.  This comes from experience and knowledge. We have experienced so many scenarios over the years that a novice may miss.  This includes reflections in mirrors or windows, car registration numbers or other identifiers such as house numbers or even uniforms.  These little things can sometimes contain a surprising amount of detail.  A recent example of an unusual situation is when we redacted some creche footage.  Our expert team knew that children can often be identified by more than just facial features.  Clothing such as ethnic dress or symbols can also identify a child’s identity.  So we took this into consideration during the redaction process.

Two Versions of Redacted Video

Sometimes two versions of redacted footage are needed.  This is particularly true with schools, creches or colleges. Here are examples:

Overall Pixelation: This is used when the requirement is to only retain the Data Subject in focus.   It is faster and therefore much cheaper. It can be used where lengthy, uneventful footage is requested which is frequently the case with SARs. However, this is not always sufficient for some cases.

Person By Person Redaction:  This is generally required when footage is required for incidents. It is more costly and time consuming for the service provider. However, it will be deemed necessary in situations where more than one person needs to be shown.  This is often the case in footage where there are fights, personal injury, and similar situation.

Datascan Redaction are the first company in Ireland to obtain ISO27001 certification for CCTV Redaction Services. You can be assured of both the security of your footage and the quality of our service.