Schools datascan redaction

Our schools have grown and developed over the years thanks to great advances in technology.  The blackboard and duster of olden days have been replaced by interactive whiteboards and tablets are seen in many classrooms.  With the rise of technology comes some challenges for the School Principal and board of management.

CCTV in Schools

Many schools have invested in security systems to keep their buildings, property, staff and pupils safe.  The inclusion of CCTV cameras in these education centres has become common place.  While they are a great deterrent for antisocial behaviour, sometimes incidents occur and the footage of this is important.

You may have had incidents in your school that you have captured on CCTV and you wish to use this footage to resolve matters.  If you wish to share this footage with another party who are not the Gardaí or your own insurer, or legal counsel, you will need to ask yourself if sharing the footage could potentially breach the GDPR.

So, if you have a disciplinary matter involving pupils or staff, a criminal incident or personal injury claim, it is important that you take steps to remove personally identifiable data from CCTV clips before you furnish it to parents, staff members and third parties.

Personally Identifiable Data includes the faces of pupils or staff members, car registration plates and so on, and the process of removing or blurring this data from video footage is called Redaction.

Video Redaction

Having an expert on hand to redact this footage for you in a compliant way affords great peace of mind. If you are unsure of what you need to do, or indeed, if you have to do anything, why not call our friendly team for a chat.  Our video redaction service is fast, reliable and cost effective and will help you comply with the new privacy laws and ensures your footage can be utilised safely in a court case if necessary.

Datascan Redaction Services is ISO27001 approved for information security and we have been in operation over 25 years.  For a limited time, we are offering schools to try their first project at a reduced rate.  Call us for more details.