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With the arrival of many new service stations around the country over the past few years, we are used to visiting these ‘one-stop-shops’.  In the past we might stop for fuel and be lucky to be able to pick up a bar of chocolate to keep energy levels up for the journey.  However, now these service stations are likely to have a deli counter with hot food and great coffee as well.  In many cases, there will even be a sit down café area, ATM, kid’s play area, bathrooms and more.

Busy Sites – Added Security

With more visitors comes the risk of theft and antisocial behaviour.  CCTV cameras will act as a deterrent in the first place but the would-be opportunist will often take a chance.  The obvious area for theft will be at the fuel pumps, where cash is present it will create a temptation so till points and ATM’s will act like magnets to thieves. With so many people passing through, and many of them strangers to the area it is difficult to manage.  Stealing from food areas and pilfering from shelves will all add up to reductions in the profits for the owners.

Unfortunately, there is also an element of fraudulent ‘claims’ where people will claim to be hurt on the premises and lodge a claim against insurance.  All these incidents have one thing in common, if caught on CCTV you, as the business owner, will have supporting evidence to get a conviction and some recompense.

Having good quality footage to share with Gardaí and to support criminal prosecutions is important.

Sharing CCTV Footage Safely

When it comes to being compliant with GDPR, there is a requirement to protect personally identifiable data from being shared unlawfully.

If you want to use CCTV footage in relation to an internal incident, or if you have receive a Data Subject Access Request ; or where you have been asked to supply CCTV footage to a third party who is not your own insurer, solicitor or the Gardaí, there is a responsibility on your side to remove other innocent bystanders from that footage.  This is referred to as video redaction, which means the blurring or pixelation of faces or features that may identify them.  It’s not only faces, this could include vehicle number plates or even company branding on clothes.

This process does not need to be complicated, time consuming or expensive but it is necessary.  Giving this task to a dedicated company that specialises in this service will save you from being exposed to non-compliancy.

If you have any concerns about video redaction or if you want to know about CCTV footage redaction give us a call today.   The expert team at Datascan Redaction Services will be delighted to answer your questions and advise you.