What HR Needs to Know about Redaction and GDPR datascan redaction

Data Subject Access Requests are becoming more commonplace.  This can be a worrying process for any business and sometimes the responsibility lands on the desk of the HR department.  It is important that they have all the information they need to hand so they comply with the request while keeping the business safe.

Data Subject Access Request

If you are responsible for HR in your organisation, you need to understand Data Subject Access Requests. Your business will store some sensitive personal information, and you want to ensure that every requirement is met. You do not want to get caught out by a request that results in you giving out more information than you should have.

What is Redaction?

Redaction is the process of concealing information while leaving intact the rest of the document or record containing it. This is commonly completed by ‘blocking out’ the material to be obscured.  There are many situations in which it is necessary or advisable to limit the contents of documents or files that are to be published or otherwise disclosed. Even a document with uncontroversial contents might also contain confidential or proprietary information that should not be disclosed to the intended recipient or the public generally.

Professional Redaction

Using a black marker for this process is too risky and certainly not advised.  Using a professional service provides a secure, cost-effective solution for businesses who need to edit data from their documents before sharing with a third party.  Our staff of highly trained professionals work to ensure that no sensitive information is made public.  Redaction prevents the spread of personal information, ensuring anonymity and protecting valued assets.

It is not restricted to written documents either. Redaction of CCTV footage is essential for any business that collects, stores, and uses video footage. It’s not just about complying with regulations—it’s about protecting the sensitive information of staff members, customers, or the public.

It is important to have a professional redaction company do the job right otherwise you could end up being fined for breaching privacy laws.  If you want to ensure that your business stays compliant with regulations and protects the sensitive information of employees and customers, then contact Datascan Redaction today.  Our experts will guide you along the way.