What you need to know about Redaction datascan redaction

You may have a vague idea of what video redaction is. More than likely you have seen it as part of a TV reality or documentary show where peoples faces have been blurred out. You may even have noticed document redaction on a thriller movie where vital information has been blocked out of documents with a black marker.

So why would a business need to worry about redaction?

It all comes down to compliance with the GDPR and data protection. People have privacy rights, and we must be conscious of that when we are sharing data with other parties.

CCTV Redaction

If you are using CCTV to record activity on your premises, then you may be asked to share some with a third party. To protect innocent bystanders, you will need to redact their faces or other identify matters to comply with GDPR before sharing.

Document Redaction

If you are supplying documents to a third party, hard or soft copy, you may have to omit certain personal sensitive information before sharing. This must be completed in a way that the information is completely hidden or removed from the document to comply with data protection.

Protecting People

Who are we protecting? In some cases, it will be members of the public that we do not even know. However, a lot of the time it is other members of staff, customers, students, or visitors. It does not matter who the person is, we all have the same right to privacy and protection. Our personal information can be sensitive, and we would not like it shared with strangers or have it misinterpreted by anybody. If you are a business owner, you must be very careful when sharing footage or documents with a third party. It’s best to take advice from experts if you are unsure.
Redaction services are easy to access, not very expensive and will protect you and your brand. Stay compliant and stay safe. Talk to our expert team today.