redaction for GP surgery datascan redaction

CCTV is used in GP Surgeries and Medical Centres throughout Ireland to protect staff, patients, and property. While this is normal practice, there are certain protocols that need to be followed should the footage need to be shared.

CCTV Footage Redaction

If an incident occurs at your premises, perhaps an accident or altercation, you could be asked to supply CCTV footage to a third party.  It is so important to protect the privacy of bystanders in the video footage.  You may need to blur out faces of staff or patients in the footage so they cannot be identified.  If you don’t do this and share it raw then that could be considered a data breach.  There are severe consequences associated with this.

Document Redaction

Likewise, you may be asked to supply documents to a third party that could contain information about other people in them.  The redaction of these details could be on a printed document or indeed a pdf or email, so it is important that it is completed correctly. Redaction should be permanent and complete.

GDPR Compliance

Knowing what should be redacted and having the right systems in place to complete this accurately will ensure the compliance of your practice.   At Datascan Redaction, our expert team have the latest technology that can quickly redact images and documents to keep you compliant.

Your data is held securely by us, and we will return the original format to you along with the redacted copy.  We are the first redaction service company to be certified to ISO27001, to ensure the security of your data. For more information and a competitive quote talk to our expert team today.