CCTV Pixelation for Credit Unions


Sunday Business Post September 2023 As the Irish credit union sector evolves from a traditional savings and loans model to a full-service retail banking alternative, it faces new challenges and opportunities, not least in terms of technology and document management. A question being asked across the sector is how can credit unions leverage the latest [...]

CCTV Pixelation for Credit Unions2023-09-11T14:16:42+01:00

Redaction and CCTV in Secondary Schools: Ensuring Compliance and Addressing Bullying


In recent years, the use of CCTV in secondary schools has become increasingly prevalent. With the aim of deterring bullying and maintaining a safe environment, the footage captured by these systems has proven to be a valuable tool. However, schools must ensure compliance with data protection laws when handling and sharing CCTV footage. Data Subject [...]

Redaction and CCTV in Secondary Schools: Ensuring Compliance and Addressing Bullying2023-09-01T10:09:30+01:00

Helping heads to make sure school CCTV is compliant


Sunday Business Post August 2023 CCTV cameras are increasingly used in schools across Ireland. This footage can contain personal data that needs to be handled in compliance with privacy legislation including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Schools have great responsibilities when it comes to managing this CCTV footage.  The right partnership can [...]

Helping heads to make sure school CCTV is compliant2023-08-28T14:29:07+01:00

Video Redaction for Irish Credit Unions


The GDPR gives consumers control over their personal data. It requires a business to be able to access and handle any requests for personal information quickly, efficiently and in the right way. When a Credit Union is approached with a request to share their CCTV footage, they must ensure they comply with the GDPR [...]

Video Redaction for Irish Credit Unions2023-05-16T13:37:41+01:00

Redaction for your GP Surgery


CCTV is used in GP Surgeries and Medical Centres throughout Ireland to protect staff, patients, and property. While this is normal practice, there are certain protocols that need to be followed should the footage need to be shared. CCTV Footage Redaction If an incident occurs at your premises, perhaps an accident or altercation, you [...]

Redaction for your GP Surgery2022-02-01T11:28:55+00:00

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls when Redacting CCTV Footage


Here are a few tips and observations on how to handle Subject Access Requests which include CCTV footage.  As a leading provider of redaction services in Ireland Datascan Redaction have learned how to avoid some common pitfalls in this area. These are based on our experience of handling video footage over the last five [...]

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls when Redacting CCTV Footage2022-01-17T11:50:05+00:00

Are You Sure Your Redacted Footage is Suitable?


When you are asked to share your business CCTV Footage to a third party it will most likely need to be redacted to avoid any issues with data protection.  Of course, you can try and blur the faces yourself, but will that be sufficient?  More than likely not, and you don’t want to leave [...]

Are You Sure Your Redacted Footage is Suitable?2022-01-12T12:33:45+00:00

Significant Increase in Data Redaction Requests across the Childcare Industry in Ireland


Over the past year, there has been an eightfold increase in data redaction requests for CCTV footage among providers in the childcare industry. Despite the childcare industry facing extended periods of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Datascan redacted 73 CCTV video files in 2020, a considerable increase on 2019. Challenge for [...]

Significant Increase in Data Redaction Requests across the Childcare Industry in Ireland2021-04-23T13:03:33+01:00

Video Redaction for Creches in Ireland


If you operate a creche your focus will be on ensuring that the children in your care are healthy and happy. Health and safety will be a priority for the childcare provider.  However, children can be full of excitement and can be prone to the occasional accident. Reporting an Incident Picture this common scenario, a [...]

Video Redaction for Creches in Ireland2020-11-04T14:58:08+00:00

CCTV Redaction for Schools


Our schools have grown and developed over the years thanks to great advances in technology.  The blackboard and duster of olden days have been replaced by interactive whiteboards and tablets are seen in many classrooms.  With the rise of technology comes some challenges for the School Principal and board of management. CCTV in Schools Many [...]

CCTV Redaction for Schools2019-11-12T10:40:12+00:00
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