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CCTV Pixelation for Credit Unions


Sunday Business Post September 2023 As the Irish credit union sector evolves from a traditional savings and loans model to a full-service retail banking alternative, it faces new challenges and opportunities, not least in terms of technology and document management. A question being asked across the sector is how can credit unions leverage the latest [...]

CCTV Pixelation for Credit Unions2023-09-11T14:16:42+01:00

The Problem with Sharing Personal Data


As a business owner, why should you be concerned about the way you share data that you hold? What is Personal Data? Personal data is not just name, address, and telephone number.  It also includes photos, audio, video (including CCTV), phone call records, correspondence and web browsing history.  In addition, it is not just [...]

The Problem with Sharing Personal Data2022-01-17T11:47:30+00:00

Using video and document redaction to protect students and staff.


CCTV is used in schools and college to protect students, staff and property. While this is normal practice, there are certain protocols that need to be followed should the footage need to be shared. Likewise, the head of the school or college is responsible for keeping sensitive files and documents secure.  However, on occasion these [...]

Using video and document redaction to protect students and staff.2021-10-05T09:45:11+01:00

CCTV Footage for Bars


A recent spate of insurance claims by customers in pubs and bars has sparked much discussion.  In all these cases there was the supporting evidence of CCTV footage in the legal actions.  In one bogus claim, a patron was caught quite obviously placing glass shards in her mouth and then pretending they came in the [...]

CCTV Footage for Bars2019-07-16T15:00:14+01:00
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