Redacting confidential information in a document

During the first World War over 12 million letters a week were delivered to soldiers.  It was a vital way of keeping contact with loved ones at home.  These letters would on average take three days to reach the front and were extremely valuable in boosting moral. The returning post would take a little longer [...]

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What does it mean to redact a document?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives individuals the right to request a copy of any of their personal data which is being ‘processed’. Any person be they employee, customer, supplier or even member of the general public has a right to a copy of any personal data you are holding or processing in your [...]

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CCTV Redaction for Schools

Our schools have grown and developed over the years thanks to great advances in technology.  The blackboard and duster of olden days have been replaced by interactive whiteboards and tablets are seen in many classrooms.  With the rise of technology comes some challenges for the School Principal and board of management. CCTV in Schools Many [...]

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Service stations need CCTV but what about sharing that footage?

With the arrival of many new service stations around the country over the past few years, we are used to visiting these ‘one-stop-shops’.  In the past we might stop for fuel and be lucky to be able to pick up a bar of chocolate to keep energy levels up for the journey.  However, now these [...]

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CCTV Footage Redaction for Nursing Homes

When a loved one moves from their own home into a nursing home it can be quite a change for the family.  However, once settled, the patient can become very contented in their surroundings and the family will have peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for professionally. CCTV The family may need [...]

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Personal Injury Claims & CCTV Footage

Imagine you have been served with a personal injury claim from a customer or a member of staff. Or perhaps your business premises have been a victim of a criminal act.  It’s every business owner’s nightmare and one that we hope never happens to you. However, if it does happen you really need to know [...]

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Supermarkets and Retail Outlets – CCTV Redaction

As a retailer you will be concerned with stock levels, profits, staff issues, competitors and preventing shoplifting.  That’s enough stress for any business owner.  However, the whole area of GDPR compliance has added an additional worry for many. Request for CCTV It’s not widely known that if a member of the public wants to view [...]

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What is a DSAR and why should you be concerned?

When it comes to GDPR requirements and the terms used there is still a lot of confusion and concern amongst business owners.  One term that is topical at present is DSAR, but what is it? What is a DSAR? A DSAR is a data subject access request and it was introduced with the general data [...]

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CCTV Footage for Bars

A recent spate of insurance claims by customers in pubs and bars has sparked much discussion.  In all these cases there was the supporting evidence of CCTV footage in the legal actions.  In one bogus claim, a patron was caught quite obviously placing glass shards in her mouth and then pretending they came in the [...]

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Data Protection and CCTV Footage

There is much confusion around CCTV footage and GDPR, here we share the top questions we are often asked: Is CCTV footage personal data? Yes, it is.  The data protection commissioner states that CCTV cameras capture the images of individuals and accordingly they process personal data. Why would somebody ask for CCTV Footage? Any person [...]

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